Our proprietary Lotus Methodology, implementing experienced managers & valuable shared services, leverages success & sets us apart from other funds.


Our leadership team has more than six decades of expertise in high-tech, finance, operations, sales and marketing in global and regional Fortune 500 companies.


Lotus Innovations Fund I has delivered 13%+ annual cash on cash return with half the capital in half the time and beat the S&P500 index in 2015 by a factor of 5x.

Not All Private Equity Firms Are Alike: Four Core Values that Make Lotus Innovations the PE Disruptor

Should I stay or should I go? British Punk Rockers ‘The Clash’ weren’t the first to pose that question and surely won’t be the last. And as you consider an exit of the company you’ve founded and built, you may be pondering the same question. If you are leaning toward cashing in your chips and moving on, you’ll be thinking ‘strategic buyer’ who will purchase your company based on the value you’ve built and not retain you or the management. If you say ‘stay,’ you’ll be thinking about the private equity route. But with private equity on the rise – especially in California where the region saw an all-time high of 626 deals completed in 2015, up 22% from just two years prior (source: PitchBook, 2016), and in IT which accounted for 27% of all PE activity in 2015 – your choice of private equity firms is ever-increasing. So how do you choose a PE firm that you, your team, and your customers can live with?



A focus on companies stuck between start-up and growth

When Lotus Innovations founders Christian Mack, Philip Jones and David Roman discussed with each other their personal experiences exiting software companies they had built, they found they had a lot in common. Their companies were unattractive to most venture capitalists because they were beyond the start-up stage; having landed customers and built a small pipeline. PE firms offered the needed capital, but not the resources or support to help them build a functional infrastructure. The model they designed became the Lotus Methodology; the primary tenet of the Lotus Innovations Fund. Not only does it provide growth capital, but it supports a small firm’s growth trajectory with shared services as well as innovative marketing. Now there is a private equity model that serves companies stuck between start-up and growth.



Our executive team brings over six decades of experience in high-tech, finance, sales & operations to help grow our Partner Companies and build wealth for our investors.

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