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Our proprietary platform was developed by Lotus Innovations founders and is designed to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and improve valuation for our portfolio companies.


gen-E offers the most scalable network and system solutions for service providers, leveraging innovative technologies such as IBM Systems Management and other solutions so that clients can scale their business without scaling their infrastructure.

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IQ Logic is an IT consulting company specializing in Managed Document Services that utilizes advanced proprietary methodologies and document software. IQ Logic delivers significant cost savings and measurable productivity gains to their clients with the highest level of satisfaction.

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We enable our clients to make intelligent, actionable business decisions via customized reports and dashboards for your specific environment. RAMP leverages these tools and expertise into more precise planning and forecasting abilities.

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Edge Technologies is a world-class software company focused on Information Integration and Data Visualization. EdgeSuite incorporates the data and tools used to manage your organization to create a single tool with secure SSO as well as customizable customer portals.

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Commerx helps clients bridge the gap between the realities and needs of their everyday business and the exciting opportunities technology offers. Commerx specializes in Network Transformation, Telecom Fulfillment Services, I.T. Managed Services, Web and Internet Solutions and Digital Strategy.

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How Lotus Innovations Shared Services model can get partner companies from distracted to dynamic starting on day one.

Without the right team in place, critical business functions can be a distraction.
Lotus Innovations disencumbers growing companies from the time-consuming and costly activities associated with hiring, training, and developing a talented team of professionals. Our Shared Services team including Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, and IT is involved from pre-acquisition through post-exit to ensure the success of our Portfolio Companies and maximum returns for our investors.

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