Lotus Innovations, the fast-growing private equity investment firm focused on transforming early-stage Enterprise IT Services companies into SaaS-based companies, commented today on a report recently released by Pitchbook, research & technology provider for the global private equity and venture capital markets, that the venture industry’s recent downturn in investment and performance has underlying issues that portend further challenges in the industry pipeline but greater opportunities for Lotus Innovations.

“The industry drivers that Pitchbook’s research presents are not unexpected,” said Christian Mack, Managing Director of Lotus Innovations, LLC. “In recent years, the numbers clearly demonstrated that the vast majority of VC investors have been chasing membership in the Unicorn club – looking for $1 billion valuations from late-stage companies while we’ve found success by focusing on early stage opportunities.”

“It is the same window of opportunity confirmed in Pitchbook’s research that validates Lotus Innovations’ own successful strategy – going after unique opportunities from early stage companies. We guide them through this development period with tightly-focused embedded expert management and operational efficiency through shared services”, Mack added. “Our performance is proof that Pitchbook’s assessment about new opportunities in the VC market belongs squarely in the early-stage category.”

Lotus Innovations guides companies to success with expert embedded management and efficient shared services.

Lotus Innovations was founded in 2013 with the goal to build job growth in the United States by transforming early stage Enterprise IT Professional Services companies into SaaS-based companies. The investment company’s core philosophy is based on the strong correlation between capital infusion and advisory support. Along with Mack, four other Managing Directors head the fund: Linda Ritchie, Mark Prynn, Philip Jones and David Roman.

“Our goal is to create jobs and give entrepreneurs and early stage businesses a step up to success, by taking a majority position and providing embedded management from our team of Managing Directors that have all had successful careers and can provide line management guidance,” said Mack.

Lotus Innovations employs proprietary methodology and embedded management to accelerate growth and valuations for early-stage portfolio companies. Another key to their success, Lotus Innovations uses a Shared Services model to help the portfolio companies become profitable more quickly without having to build out the Finance, HR, IT, & Marketing infrastructures during the early business stages. When it comes to trading stocks the algotrading can help with its pre-programmed trading instruction.

Lotus Innovations’ own performance garnered the company a third place position in Orange County’s most active venture capital firms as reported by The Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ). The fast-growing private equity investment firm’s focus on early-stage or underperforming IT service companies won its first appearance on the prestigious list of companies located in the heart of California’s Tech Coast region, second only to Silicon Valley’s information technology development in the State.


Lotus Innovations, located in Irvine, California, is a Private Equity Fund focused on transforming Enterprise IT Services companies into SaaS-based companies. By operationalizing a repeatable process with Lotus Innovations’ proprietary methodology and embedded management, the fund creates a new paradigm that accelerates growth and valuations.

The investment strategy and proven operational platform creates a repeatable methodology for success while significantly improved growth prospects, cash flows, balance sheets, and market valuations.