The Lotus Innovations Fund, an Irvine California-based private equity investment fund, today announced double-digit growth that is driving business expansion, increased staffing and a move to new offices in Irvine, California.

The venture Fund’s portfolio of technology companies includes IQ Logic, gen-E, RAMP Consulting, and Velocity Insights. The Lotus Innovation Fund’s investment portfolio focuses on Enterprise IT Professional Services companies that grow through transformation into SaaS-based (Software as a Service) businesses. The Fund takes a majority stakeholder position in its portfolio companies, adding value to the investments through an approach that includes embedded management and shared services.

“Our current portfolio companies have proven the power of the Lotus Innovations Fund’s unique business model that is responsible for our accelerated growth.”

Double-digit growth has motivated the company to expand services, create new jobs and move into new office space at “The Vine OC” located in the University Research Park adjacent to UCI.

“We have experienced rapid growth in the Enterprise IT professional services space since our inception,” said Christian Mack, Managing Director of the Lotus Innovations Fund. “Our current portfolio companies have proven the power of the Lotus Innovations Fund’s unique embedded management and shared services business model that is the underpinning of our accelerated growth”.

“The venture Fund’s growth has necessitated tripling our office space in less than one year,” added Mack. “We are proud to be part of the economic expansion of Orange County by creating new jobs in the region and new business opportunities for smart entrepreneurs in the Enterprise IT Professional Services space”.

The fund chose to move to the newly created “Vine OC” office space because of the building’s specific focus on technology- oriented high growth companies and incubators.

“The Vine OC has created a unique juxtaposition between the Lotus Innovations Fund and technology incubators and start-ups in the same office building,” said Mack. “Adjacency to the University of California, Irvine campus with their renowned computer science, analytics, and MBA programs provides a ready pool of highly qualified interns or graduates, as we continue to generate new professional-caliber job positions in Orange County, California,” he added.

The current portfolio companies represent a wide breadth of industries that benefit from Lotus’ proprietary model. gen-E offers scalable network and system solutions for telecommunications service providers. IQ Logic is a Managed Documents Service Provider delivering intelligence to better manage workflow and costs related to document management. RAMP Consulting leverages SAP data into insightful business intelligence resulting in improved budget, and planning and forecasting decision making for their clients. Velocity Insights is a predictive analytics company that works with executives, marketing and sales teams to use big data technologies to uncover information to speed the time it takes to find and close sales opportunities.