The Fund II intends to acquire the controlling interest in services and/or software companies after performing due dilligence with it’s Board of Directors. The Lotus Innovations team is embedded in each portfolio company and professionals in finance, legal, HR, IT and marketing provide core business services to accelerate growth.


Investing in Innovation: Private Equity Firm Lotus Innovations Provides Capital Beyond Start Up

Middle market companies – those with $25M to $1B in annual revenue – are the entrepreneurial fuel powering the American economy. But many of these companies are running on fumes. According to The National Center for the Middle Market, nearly seven in 10 middle market firms reported a year-over-year increase in revenue in Q1 2016, and about a third plan to expand into new markets over the next 12 months[1]. However, businesses in the lower mid-market (LMM) or firms with annual revenues between $25 million to $100 million, are struggling to secure additional lines of credit from lenders still reeling from the recession and, therefore, have limited or no access to traditional financing for growth plays like adding staff, or building out product portfolios. If you’re the owner or executive of one of these American success story works-in-progress, you may have already started looking into alternative funding sources like private equity (PE).


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