gen-E®, a worldwide leader in professional and managed services for IBM® Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure® software, unveiled key success strategies for rapidly growing telecommunications networks at IBM InterConnect 2015, the most comprehensive and collaborative IBM event of the year. Christian Mack, CEO of gen-E, also previewed a new System Health Check program that identifies optimum road maps for improvements in telecommunications operating infrastructures.

IBM InterConnect 2015 is the premier Cloud & Mobile Conference attended by 20,000 business professionals. The conference featured over 1,500 sessions across 42 interactive tracks. The gen-E solutions presented at this year’s inaugural event embodied the full lifecycle of IT, Assets and Infrastructure — from Development to Architecture to Operations. gen-E was a Silver+ sponsor at IBM InterConnect 2015, ‘Leadership in the Era of Cloud and Mobile’, and showcased a variety of solutions and services around IBM software.

gen-E offers the most scalable network and system solutions for service providers, leveraging innovative technologies such as IBM Middleware, and other solutions so that clients can scale their business without scaling their infrastructure. With a focus on improving service availability, quality, and operational efficiency, gen-E leverages 16 years of network management expertise to maintain 24/7 network uptime and prevent loss of service to customers. By enhancing internal collaboration and workflow, gen-E helps customers accelerate the launch of new services and significantly improves customer service through more efficient processes.

” gen-E provides scalable network expertise in all aspects of IBM IT Service Management to help clients innovate and excel in their operating environments. “

In a key conference presentation at the InterConnect Expo Theater, Mack discussed how gen-E uses its reference architecture to achieve strategic success in a rapidly growing environment and the many key steps needed to optimize operating infrastructures for telecommunications companies.

“gen-E offers deep expertise in all aspects of IBM IT Service Management,” said Christian Mack, gen-E CEO. “Organizations taking advantage of our solution offering will be able to leverage this knowledge to innovate and excel in their own operating environments, while also gaining access to our proven expertise 24/7.”

Attendees at IBM InterConnect 2015 also previewed a new gen-E program that provides free system health checks to qualifying companies. The new gen-E System Health Check identifies the current state of a company’s infrastructure based on data collected from systems and stakeholders and then identifies the optimum state for the company based on goals, requirements and gen-E best practices.

“The gen-E System Health Check provides telecommunications clients with a detailed roadmap for improvement,” added Mack. “The gen-E System Health Check is the first critical step in analyzing core improvements to operating infrastructure, outlining key milestones required to transition from the current state of operations to an improved, optimal state.”